Page 7 Contest Winner

June 2, 2011

Comic Idol Online wanted to let everyone now about the winner of the Seventh page Contest for the webcomic Riot Shell as well as proudly announcing Marc Silvestri as the Judge to the new Page 8 Contest!

As already announced earlier comic book heroes and Comic Idol supporters Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade, Angelus), Filip Sablik (Top Cow publisher) and Martin Montiel (Tales from Wonderland: Queen of Hearts vs. Mad Hatter) were the honored Judge and Jury of this Page 7 Contest. The consistently high-end performances of the artists entering into every contest are truly best served in having such high-level Judges!

Nicita is proud to announce the winner of the Page 7 Comic Idol Online Contest, namely Alex Reburiano Jr AKA: a.reburiano!!
The Jury’s verdict per page will be put online per entry as soon as possible as well.

According to Nicita “It was agonizing again this time around!!!! It has become harder and harder to really choose the winner of each contest, also because every Judge is looking at the entries more closely but still… from another and very personal point of view. Where one looks at the flow of the story, the other will look more into details or the use of borders or how much action per page or panel!”

Nicita Design and Comic Idol Online hereby congratulate the winner Alex Reburiano Jr!!! The Page 7 Contest has again been an success and a lot of Industry Professionals are looking at every page still, so we urge all the fans of great artwork, great artist, Riot Shell and Comic Idol Online to enter and log in with your Facebook-account or your own account at Comic Idol Online and see new entries for Page 8 Contest coming in soon!

The scheduled new Judge for the Page 8 contest is Comicbook Legend Marc Silvestri so get your crayons in order and be sure to have a great time!
Be sure to check back with the entries at

Comic Idol Online wants to thank Stjepan Sejic, Filip Sablik and Martin Montiel for their time and their effort in picking this Page Contest winner .

Page 8 Script & New Villain

June 2, 2011

Page 8 Script

Contest starts May 11th 2011 and ends 30th of June 2011 Get the script and go for it Page 8 Script by Julian Lawler.

Panel 1 – Dr. Novick is walking to the center of her office. The furniture is lowering into the floor.

Dr. Novick – I’m not some boss you can hope to push around, Agent Shell. You will do my bidding whether you like it or not!

Panel 2 – She holds her hands out as a computer arm lowers from the ceiling.

Dr. Novick – The world sees me as the nice Doctor who cares about mankind but once I have full control of my technology they will see me as the harsh mistress that I really am! Soon nobody will have a chance to stop me and I will rule the world with my robots!

Panel 3 – The robotic arm starts to scan her face. There’s a hint of something robotic in her features, but not enough to discount her as a human. Maybe she’s played with her technology too much.

Panel 4 – The scanner reveals that her clothes are a hologram. Her upper torso, which has been scanned already looks different. Below, where the scan hasn’t been yet, she’s still dressed like the doctor we know and love. Note: One of her arms is robotic, like Silencer and Riot Shell, except hers is streamlined and it shines.

Panel 5 – Panel 5 should take up most of the bottom half of page 8. This is a shot of Dr. Novick’s in her full regalia as the Cyberess. She has a sinister gleam in her eyes.

Dr. Novick – And on your knees you will bow to me!!

Dr. Novick – And pay homage to your CYBERESS!

Marc Silvestri Joins Comic Idol

June 2, 2011

Riot Shell and Comic Idol Online are thrilled to announce to the world that Top Cow superstar Marc Silvestri will judge the Page 8 Contest next month.

According to Nicita he “just freaked out when I got this in! I know Marc Silvestri is very busy and for him to take time off his super star schedule for this competition… speechless!!”

That indeed is well said and it truly shows that the Comic Book Industry really thinks the initiative called Comic Idol Online is worth the support!

So get your pencils sharp and ready and send your Riot Shell Page 7 contest entries over to us, since the deadline for that contest is April 30th and that page will be judged by the Top Cow herders Filip Sablik, artist Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade, Angelus) and Martin M╦ćntiel (The Darkness). Doing Page 7 even makes you earn 10 extra Riot Shell points which will be added on to your page 8 entry which could be just enough for you to put your art in the lead of the page 8 contest.

And when you finished with those Page 7 pencils you hit overdrive and come back with Page 8 artwork and have Marc Silvestri himself look into it!
Page 8 Script will be online from the 1st of May.

We have released the page 7 script which is available at and written by Julian Lawler (Broken Tree Comics / Arcana Comics / Koniwaves Studio )

We at Comic Idol Online hope that more and more artists rise to the occasion in times to come, as it promises to be one hell of a Riot!