Comic Idol Starts Now! Win Marc Slvestri X-MEN Cover

May 7, 2010

Riot Shell is the (online) comic, which has the unique ability to have the most fan-support in the business, simply because fans themselves create, support, pencil and publish the comic. Nicita Design’s Adrian Nicita created a platform ( for aspiring comic book artists to strud their stuff and via this platform chapter after chapter will become available to the fans. Comic Idol Online lets the fans decide which page, creator and storyline will be the future of Riot Shell.

After many months of hard work, the launch of the Comic Idol website is announced; a place where fans can share their art and chat with people of similar interests.

Per page and chapter a contest will open up, in which artists can upload their artwork and where fans can vote and choose! Every action on the site earns credits/points which will determine the ongoing adventures of Riot Shell.

This is what mastermind Adrian Nicita has to say about the next contest which will open on the 7th of May and closes on 1st of June:

“This is where the hard part starts! You -the fans- need to continue the story of Riot Shell after her amazing kick-off by artist Martin Möntiel (to be read online at where we saw her standing in the debris!

In the enclosed image is a list of the characters you can use to get the ball rolling!

Once the contest opens on the 7th you are free to upload your art as soon as it done and people can start voting.
So the quicker you get your art up the more votes you can get! You can also come back and vote hourly so if there are two artwork pieces you want to vote for… no prob and share the love =).

All the characters mentioned are villains. (to see a image of the villains go to this link – )

The Stalkers are being controlled from a unknown villain which we will reveal soon so if you want to draw them in please use a black silhouette.

All other characters with weapons on their arms do not have the same abiitly as Riot Shell. They only have the one weapon you will draw and it does not change. The big baddie The Octopus has two guns on his arms which can transform from gun to arm.

Riot Shell #0 Full Issue online

May 7, 2010

Riot Shell #0
Writer: Adrian Nicita
Artist: Martin Montiel
Colors: Dash Martin
Editors: Richard Boom / Paul Cameron

Isabella Shell is Riot Shell; a security agent turned avenger, When an op goes bad, her team is killed. Shell almost dies and loses her arm, only to be reborn with a new robotic arm which has the ability to transform into any weapon she thinks of and lets her have a shot at vengeance and justice.

Follow her path to the truth!



May 7, 2010

With 1 Daybefore Riot Shell #0 goes live, we wanted to show off some of the Villains youguys will get to play around with first hand!

Silencer – The Main Villain in Riot Shell #0! To find out his deal, read theEXPLOSIVE #0 at from May 6.

Tank – A Massive Hulk with super strength and a GIANT cannon for an arm…not aguy you’d want to pick a fight with.

To see hissize compared to Shell’s, check out this image by Paul Cameron.

The Octopus – An Ex Marine and one of Cortech’s first handpicked test subjects.His arms can be transformed from Gatling guns to hands.

Octopus wentrouge and has been out to get his hands on every new cybernetic weapon he canto make his own band of super soldiers…and will destroy anyone who gets inhis way. Silencer’s and Tank’s Cybernetics were built by Octopus.

The Stalkers – Not much is known about these two girls or who they work for, butthey’re out to get Shell and The Octopus’ crew.


May 7, 2010

Original we were going to only pick 1 winner but the contest entries were so good there was no way we could have done that so we changed it to 5 winners BUT when it can time to choose MY GOD it was HARD! and we struggled and with the last 30 entries.

So after hitting our heads against a wall over and over we finally got to 10 winners and it was still so hard =) lol you guys are just too good.

They are in order from 1 to 10 and what we plan do is use each one of these covers for each chapter of Riot Shell, Each Chapter runs 6 pages long and with the support of all of you in keeping Riot Shell going we will see them all and hopefully have more cover contests =).

Checkout the winners here.

Riot Shell #1 Cover Contest NOW ON!

March 16, 2010

What could be better than having your art featured on the cover of Riot Shell #1?!
That’s right!!! The winner of this contest gets their artwork put on the cover and goes down in Riot Shell history as the cover artist for the FIRST explosive issue!
Issue one will kick off the sequential art contest where YOU take control of Riot Shell and decide what happens next.

Download the high res logos to give your cover the look and feel the official poduct:


Enter as many times as you want with as many styles as you like there are no restrictions
Contest closes 30th April, 2010.

Riot Shell Interview with Creator Adrian Nicita

February 1, 2010

Riot Shell is an all NEW online comic series, created by Adrian Nicita and revolves around a girl who can transform her arm into any kind of weapon she desires. Nicita Designs and Comic Idol have put together a 6 page preview as a jump on point and the best part is…the rest is up to… YOU!

The next phase will begin with the online contest where anyone can take part by simply submitting their completed comic page to continue the story. Contestants will be given a time limit to upload their page and then the voting begins, which allows the story to progress via the choice of the readers themselves.

BF took the busy creator and went through some questions with him.

Miki Black is Riot Shell!

January 19, 2010

Miki Black is Riot Shell!

Featured on E! Television’s “20 Hottest Women of the Web”, Black joins Nicita Designs and Comic idol to bring you, Riot Shell!

Miki’s TV appearances include CSI New York, Las Vegas, Entourage, and as a regular on Spike TV’s Manswers. For a list of Miki’s appearances, go to IMDB.

For several years running, Black has been the face of Sinful Clothing by Affliction, as well as a top model for Trashy Lingerie. She has shot several campaigns including Liz Claiborne’s Soul by Curve, which placed her in magazines like Rolling Stone, Vogue, Cosmo, Details, Jane, Playboy, Maxim, and Stuff, and most recently, Mickey’s Malt Liquor campaign. Black has graced the pages of numerous magazines such as Femme Fatales, Open Your Eyes, 944, Playboy and FHM twice, including the final U.S. print issue. In addition, she has been featured in countless calendars, posters, catalogues and trading cards throughout the years.

Miki’s killer looks and attitude make her perfect as the REAL Riot Shell.

Black had this to say about the project:

“I am both thrilled and honored to be chosen as the live action Riot Shell! I’ve always wanted to be a comic character so this is a dream come true for me! Riot Shell is quite the character too, with her sleek hot pink and black vinyl bodysuit and thigh-high boots to match. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have their entire arm morphed into a gun?! Thanks so much Adrian and Comic Idol Online for making me a part of this amazing project! I look forward to seeing all the artwork from the many talented artists that will be submitting for this rare opportunity. Good luck to you all!”

Riot Shell is an all NEW online comic series. Nicita Designs and Comic Idol have put together a 6 page preview as a jump on point and the best part is…the rest is up to YOU!

The following issue will begin the online contest where anyone can take part by simply submitting their completed comic page to continue the story. Contestants will be given a time limit to upload their page and then the voting begins.

An achievement/points system will be in effect and determine the winner at the end of each chapter. Points can be earned by voting, uploading, signing up, making comments and of course winning! The winning page then goes into the book and the contest starts over with the next page.


Want more Miki? Check out

Also keep a look out for more great art and sexy photos of Miki as Riot Shell, taken by Tony Donaldson.

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